About the fries nuss quartett/Press

Heinrich Fries

Heinrich Fries | saxophon

He composes and plays concerts in important German Jazz-Clubs for example “A-Trane”, “BIX”, “Cave’61″ and Festivalsfor example “Jung klasse KLASSIK Festival Braunschweiger Land”, “Aldbiesen Jazz Festival” and many more.
Furthermore he interprets art exhibitions and readings of well known artists with free improvisations.

He studied and had workshops with Claudius Valk, Paul Heller, Loren Stilman, John Abercrombie, David Liebman and Matthias Nadolny.

Both on and of stage he pushes the band forward.


Benyamin Nuss | piano

As a classical pianist he works with international orchestras as Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra or Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and plays among others with jazzmusicians as Peter Weniger, Hans Dekker, Christian von Kaphengst and John Goldsby.

His musical horizon leads the band again and again in uncharted terain.  He is a truely inspiring, creative force.


Simon Busch | drums

Simon is always in a good mood and inspires the band with his great drumming.

Among others he played with Andy Haderer, Roman und Julian Wasserfuhr, Marc Huynen, Roland Peil, Philipp van Endert, Lauri Antonioli, Frank Giebels, Peter Hermesdorf, Lucas Leidinger, Thorsten Heizmann, Mathias Höderath and Limburg Symphony Orchestra

He studied with Ron van Stratum, Adam Nussbaum, John Abercrombie, Dan Wall, Linley Marthe, Alain Caron, Steve Smith, Simon Phillips, Richy Beirach, Horacia Hernandez, David Liebman and Jojo Mayer



Robert Schulenburg | bass

With his calm and reasoned manner he has a strong impact on the Quartet. On stage he mostly acts in the background and lets his musical aesthetics differentiated but highly effective in the music.

He studied among others with Stefan Rademacher, John Goldsby and John Taylor.